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Title: Universidade Multicampi - 25 anos de ensino superior regionalizado no Pará: entrevista com Flávio Augusto Sidrim Nassar
Author(s): Fontes, Edilza Joana Oliveira
Conception: Este material foi concebido pela professora doutora Edilza Joana Oliveira Fontes que coordena o Projeto Universidade Multicampi e desenvolvido em parceria com o Projeto Academia Amazônia da Faculdade de Comunicação da UFPA.
Publication date: 2012
Description: The Multicampi University project is about the interiorization process of Learning of the Federal University of Pará, initiated in the 1980’s, during the dean José Seixas Lourenço’s administration (1985 – 1989). In the initial stage, the priority was given to the bachelor degree courses in Languages, Mathematics, History, Geography and Pedagogy. The project, besides qualifying outsider teachers, gave work opportunity for those who already had a major. The courses had interval format and gave the towns of Abaetetuba, Altamira, Castanhal, Marabá, Santarém e Soure, which were selected according to the economic development research made by the State, access to the higher education. At first, the process was independent, only receiving support from the Ministry of Education (MEC) years later after its implementation, in the 1990’s, and amplifying its action field in the 2000’s. In this content there is the interview given by the Professor Flávio Augusto Sidrim Nassar, who is the dean of the International Relations of the UFPA and associate professor 4. He is Coordinator of the Landi Forum, specialist in Urban Systems Engineering by the Brazilian Institute of Municipal Administration (IBAM), in 1977. He has graduation in Architecture and Urbanism by the Federal University of Pará (1976). In this interview the professor talks about his academic life in the Federal University of Pará (UFPA), initiated in 1972, in the course of Architecture. He highlights his experiences as a teacher, with the student movement, and his political performance, as director of the Association of Teachers from the UFPA (Adufpa), in 1985. He also highlights, however, his professional trajectory as a professor of the Architecture College, from 1978.
Subject: Multicampi Project
Teacher’s training
College education
Student’s movement
Architecture College
Original idiom: pt_BR
Time / Size: Parte 1: 10 min e 20 seg
Parte 2: 11 min e 10 seg
Parte 3: 15 min e 42 seg
Parte 4: 11 min e 32 seg
Parte 5: 10 min e 48 seg
Parte 6: 09 min e 36 seg
Parte 7: 10 min e 47 seg
Credits: Coordenação Executiva: Silva, Maria de Lourdes da.
Roteiro de entrevista: Fontes, Edilza Joana Oliveira.
Entrevistadora: Fontes, Edilza Joana Oliveira.
Coordenação Geral da Produção Videográfica: Malcher, Maria Ataide.
Produção Executiva: Rodrigues, Clareana; Silva, Edenice Pereira da; Miranda, Fernanda Chocron; Carvalho, Vanessa Brasil de;
Produção: Fadel, Ana Caroline; Rodrigues, Clareana; Silva, Edenice Pereira da; Miranda, Fernanda Chocron; Amorim, Gabriela; Dias, Geisa. Gomes, Gleidson Wirllen Bezerra; Reale, Manuella Vieira; Costa, Natália; Silva, Rodrigo Antonio; Guedes, Suelen Miyuki Alves; Lopes, Suzana Cunha; Neves, Thiane; Pinho, Uriel; Carvalho, Vanessa Brasil de.
Reference: UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DO PARÁ. Reitoria. Universidade Multicampi - 25 anos de ensino superior regionalizado no Pará: entrevista com Flávio Augusto Sidrim Nassar. Belém: UFPA, 2012. 1 vídeo (1h 19 min e 55 seg). Disponível em: <http://multimidia.ufpa.br/jspui/handle/321654/1023>. Acesso em:
License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported da Creative Commons.
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