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Title: Programa UFPA Ensino - Educação a Distância
Author(s): Costa, Luciana Miranda.
Conception: Este conteúdo foi concebido e desenvolvido pela Rádio Web UFPA.
Publication date: 2009
Description: UFPA Teaching Program Edition, which integrates the UFPA Web Radio time slot, about Distance Learning which is part of the multimedia material contained in the book Education without Frontiers at the Amazon: trajectory and perspectives of the UFPA distance learning. The program, divided in three blocks, includes the professors’ participation Selma Dias Leite and José Miguel Martins Veloso, and the student of the Degree in Mathematics (Bujarú pole), at distance mode, Aminadab Pereira Lima. Along of this edition the distance learning (EaD) in Brazil growth indexes are presented, with emphasis for the state of Pará. In the first block, the guests talk about the UFPA pioneer in this teaching mode, evidencing how important was the distance learning implantation in the cities which are far from the urban centers. The professor Selma Dias Leite emphasizes the challenges of the EaD implantation process in the institution and she presents the courses which are offered in this teaching mode. In the first part of the program, the guests also discuss about the differences between the presential and distance learning methodologies, about the tutor’s role, and about the advantages and disadvantages of this teaching mode. In the second block, the professor José Miguel explains how the funding of this teaching mode activities happens, which includes the City Hall collaboration. Besides, the guests talk about the relation professor-student and student-student, concerning the information technologies use, the difficulties of accessing the internet in the interior of the state, and the necessity of planning the student’s and professor’s activities. In the third and last block, the professors enlighten doubts about the graduate diploma validity done in a distance mode and about the EaD growth perspectives at the UFPA.
Subject: Distance education
Learning methodology
Tutor’s role
Teacher-student relationship
Open University of Brazil (UAB)
Relación profesor alumno
Universidad Abierta de Brasil (UAB)
Federal University of Pará (UFPA)
Academic activities
Original idiom: pt_BR
Time / Size: Parte 1: 15min e 10seg
Parte 2: 16min e 22seg
Parte 3: 15min e 38seg
Credits: Coordenação Geral: Costa, Luciana Miranda.
Produção e Roteiro: Lopes, Suzana; Yuri Rebêlo.
Apresentação: Amaral Filho, Otacílio.
Reference: UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DO PARÁ. Faculdade de Comunicação. Programa UFPA Ensino - Educação a distância. Autoria de Luciana Miranda Costa. Concepção e desenvolvimento: Rádio Web UFPA. In: Leite, Selma Dias et al. Educação sem fronteiras na Amazônia: trajetória e perspectiva da educação a distância da UFPA. Belém: UFPA, 2010. Disco 4 (Clipping). 1 Programa de rádio (47min e 10seg). Disponível em: < http://www.multimidia.ufpa.br/jspui/handle/321654/701>Acesso em:
License: Attribution- NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported da Creative Commons.
Source: http://www.radio.ufpa.br/radioweb/player/player.php?arquivo=UFPA_ENSINO__EDUCACAO_A_DISTANCIA.mp3
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