Content access

In order to access and know the contents available at UFPA Multimedia, no download is necessary. The user can watch/hear/read all the items directly on the repository page from the players and another interactive tools. Check it out!

Material incorporation

On the UFPA Multimedia repository, the user finds the incorporation tool that allows him aggregate content to other platforms or websites. For that, you just need to access any item, click on the incorporate button, right above the player, and copy the HTML code generated by the repository. Enjoy the tool and share the content of the UFPA Multimedia.

Multimedia production

As the name already suggests, the UFPA Multimedia is a repository exclusively aimed at the offer of multimedia contents, which make part of the University scientific production in specific formats and languages for the media production. So, the material available at the repository is different from the traditional collections with the register of bibliographic scientific productions, with special distinction to thesis, dissertations and articles published in scientific publications.

ABNT reference

In order to facilitate the use and the sharing of the contents available at the UFPA Multimedia, it was offered, in the collection cataloguing, a pattern reference text of the researched items for the scientific texts, already in conformity with the ABNT rules. So, in order to refer to content, you only need to copy the text from the Reference field, in which the content title, year and authors are already available.

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