In order to have a better visualization of the UFPA Multimedia repository, give preference to the Internet Explorer (at least version 7) or Mozilla Firefox (at least version 4). browsers.

Necessary software

In order to access and download the repository contents, it is necessary to have the Adobe Flash Player software (any version) installed on your computer.

Research types

In order to research the content available on the UFPA Multimedia, you can:

- Type any term in the main search engine that is located on the home page and on the internal pages of the repository.

- Refine still on the repository home page the format and area of knowledge of the term you typed in the main search engine.

- Perform an advanced research by clicking on the link that is always by the side of the main search engine.


By clicking on the Holdings button you find a complete list of all contents available on the UFPA Multimedia.

In this space, you can select as you wish and see the list of contents, by informing the Publication date, Author, Title, Subject or Type.

Communities and Collections

The international standard of repository organization establishes that all the contents have to be organized by Communities and Collections.

On the UFPA Multimedia, the Communities are the areas of knowledge foreseen by CNPq and the Collections are content formats (videos, photographs, audios, animations etc).

By clicking on the Collection button, you find the list of Communities. By selecting one of them, you will have access to the Subcommunities, which are the concentration areas of that certain knowledge. And inside each Subcommunity, you consult the available contents in each one of the formats that compose the collections.

Research results

After performing a content research, the UFPA Multimedia presents a table with all the retrieved records in which you can check the title, author, format and publication year.

In this space, you can select the results table to be organized in different forms, for example, by alternating the register number by pages and the arrangement by alphabetical order for the publication year, title, author etc.

Information of the researched content

In order to have the information retrieved by doing a research inside a repository, it is necessary that all the catalogued items follow the international standards of cataloguing.

This way, by accessing content on the UFPA Multimedia, in a first moment, you only have access to the main information related to that item.

In order to check the complete register of that item and have access to all catalogued information, just click on the Present complete register button. Consult this important research source!

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