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Title: UFPA Multimídia: entrevista com Fernanda Chocron Miranda (Inglês)
Author(s): Veloso, José Miguel Martins.
Malcher, Maria Ataide.
Eliasquevici, Marianne Kogut.
Leite, Selma Dias.
Conception: Este trabalho foi concebido e desenvolvido pelo Laboratório de Pesquisa e Experimentação em Multimídia da Assessoria de Educação a Distância com o apoio da Coordenadoria de Produção de Material Didático e do Laboratório de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento em TI.
Publication date: 2012
Description: This content integrates the divulgation actions of the project UFPA Multimedia, which makes available in this institutional repository the scientific production developed in the extent of the Federal University of Pará, in multimedia languages. The video presents Fernanda Chocron Miranda’s testimonial, member of the Communication Staff of the UFPA Multimedia and collaborator researcher of the Laboratory of Research and Experimentation in Multimedia from the Consultantship of Distance Learning of the UFPA. The interviewee tells how the project UFPA Multimedia appeared, since the necessity of making available multimedia contents already produced for the Distance Learning at the University until the project approval in a CAPES publication, aimed at the fomentation of the TICs use in the graduation. Fernanda explains the basis of the repository working and emphasizes the importance of cataloguing and filling the metadata for the information recovering. The interviewee also tells about the challenges of the project development, since the organization of the information, visual architecture of the platform and organization and postage of the multimedia contents, which differ from the bibliographical production and demand other cataloguing parameters. Fernanda explains that for the availability of other contents in the repository should be constructed a Use Policy from a Steering Committee to be formed and that should be composed by researchers of several areas of knowledge. At the end, the interviewee comments on the teamwork importance and the expectations for the repository use by the future users, above all, students and professors who search for scientific production produced in the North region.
Subject: Distance education
Features of the UFPA Multimedia
Use policy
Federal University of Pará (UFPA)
Original idiom: pt_BR
Subtitled in: Español
Time / Size: Parte 1: 10min e 36seg
Parte 2: 10min e 59seg
Credits: Direção Geral: Miranda, Fernanda Chocron.
Direção Executiva e Roteiro: Silva, Edenice Pereira da; Miranda, Fernanda Chocron; Reale, Manuella Vieira; Malcher, Maria Ataide; Eliasquevici, Marianne Kogut; Guedes, Suelen Miyuki Alves; Lopes, Suzana Cunha; Carvalho, Vanessa Brasil de.
Direção de Arte: Acquerello Design.
Direção de Fotografia: Silva, Marcelo Rodrigues.
Reference: UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DO PARÁ. Assessoria de Educação a Distância. UFPA Multimídia: entrevista com Fernanda Chocron Miranda. Autoria de José Miguel Martins Veloso; Maria Ataide Malcher; Marianne Kogut Eliasquevici; Selma Dias Leite. Concepção e desenvolvimento: Laboratório de Pesquisa e Experimentação em Multimídia. Belém: UFPA, 2012. 1 vídeo. (21min e 35seg). Disponível em: <http://www.multimidia.ufpa.br/jspui/handle/321654/921>. Acesso em:
License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported da Creative Commons.
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